The Ultimate Guide To Bali

The Ultimate Guide To Bali

Are you Bali bound or maybe you’re wondering if Bali should be next on your vacation list? Either way, this blog is going to give you tons of insight amalgamated with my personal experience to give you the ultimate guide to Bali. 

Step 1: Buying your tickets

Obviously right? It goes without saying that booking your tickets in advance is a lot cheaper than just a week or two before your departure. But, here is my tip for all my Indian peeps. I stay in Mumbai so naturally, I was looking for tickets from Mumbai to Bali. However, while doing some research I figured that tickets from other states like Bengaluru and Chennai to Bali were a lot cheaper. So if you’re looking for a way to reduce costs, see if you can plan your holiday to start from a city that offers lower prices.


  1. Make sure your airline includes check-in luggage in your ticket price. If you book AirAsia or Scoot you need to purchase check-in luggage separately.
  2. If your flight has a layover, make sure the PNR of your connecting flight is the same or you will have to purchase a transit visa at the country of your layover.

For me and my husband Ashish, it was a close call as we got to know about this rule pretty late, so we quickly had to apply for a Malaysian transit visa. 


Step 2: Choose the places you want to visit

I absolutely loved this part of planning my honeymoon. I spent hours researching the best places to visit, and not necessarily the most popular or touristy places. These are a few of my recommendations:


For us, Uluwatu was like a hidden gem of charm and beauty. We spent 2 nights and 3 days here. The key to enjoying Uluwatu is to know where to go and what to do. By accident, my husband and I found a cave that opened up to a breathtaking beach called the Suluban beach. We loved dipping into the water and going for a long walk on a path that had the ocean on one side and rugged cliffs on the other. If you do visit this area, do not miss out on the insanely beautiful sunset from one of the cliff top bars. Single Fin is a world-renowned bar that is located here. However, it is often crowded and expensive. But, don’t worry you have tons of other bars with the same view that you can visit.


1. Sun & Sand Surf

The only reason Ashish and I stayed here was because of the view from the rooms. The cons of this place are that it is difficult to access as you have to climb a lot of steep steps but, it’s a great location if you like to surf. The rooms are really cute but, they don’t have that super luxurious touch to them. Like I said the only thing that makes it worth it, is the view.

Here are some other recommendations.

2. Anantara Resort


3. The Ungasan Clifftop Resort


Ubud is one of the more crowded tourist spots of Bali. It’s located in central Bali which means it’s far from the beaches but it has lush forests to compensate for that.

Here are some of the places you can visit while in Ubud:

1. Monkey Forest

As the name suggests this is a beautiful forest that has a lot of Monkeys in it. We did not visit this place but it’s definitely something you can do if you are interested.


2. Rice Fields

Ubud is known for its lush rice field. It’s definitely a beautiful sight and makes for a fun day of exploring Ubud.


3. Bali Swing

This is definitely a thrilling experience to have. I mean you are swinging over a valley.


4. Mt. Batur

One of the main reason that Ashish and I wanted to come to Ubud was to visit Mt. Batur. This popular sunrise trek will have you waking up at 3 or 3:30 AM but the view is breathtakingly beautiful. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go for this trek as Ashish fell sick. My only consolation is that I have one more reason to go back to Bali.

5. Tegenguan Waterfall

This gorgeous waterfall located just outside of Ubud is a must-visit. It can get really crowded in the evenings, so it’s best to go in the morning.


6. Ubud Market

Love to shop? This is the place for you. Right from antiques, to souvenirs, clothes, bags, shoes, and authentic Balinese products, this market has it all.




1. Ubud Harmony

We stayed at a place called Ubud Harmony that we found on Air BnB. Our room was cozy with a nice view. One of the drawbacks of this place was that it was not easy to find.

Here are some other amazing recommendations which are totally Instagram worthy:

2. Four Seasons Sayan Ubud


3. Hanging Gardens



This is one of the more commercialized places in Bali. Most of the 5-star hotels are located here. Every street is filled with cute and fancy boutiques plus there are way too many restaurants, so you will never run out of places to eat. There are also a lot of pubs and clubs, so your party scene is taken care of, and of course, there are beaches. I will HIGHLY recommend Sisterfields Cafe in Seminyak. The breakfast is worth every penny you will pay. Ashish and I are not the party kind of people so we just walked around this beautiful bustling city and explored it as much as we could.


1. Kubu Carik Guest House

We stayed at a cute guest house that we found on Airbnb. The advantage of this place was that it was close to the main market so that was very convenient.

Here are some of my other recommendations:

2. The Legian Bali



3. The Colony Hotel Bali



There is a cluster of three islands off the coast of Bali that are very beautiful. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Dua, and Nusa Penida. I would recommend that you stay at either Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Dua and go to Nusa Penida for a day’s visit. We were not able to fit the Nusa islands into our itinerary but, I’m going to make a second trip to Bali for them.



This place was the highlight of our entire trip. You just have to add Gili T to your list of places to visit. This little island located 3 hours away (by speed boat) from Bali is breathtakingly gorgeous. This tiny island has no cars or bikes but has wait for it… horse-drawn carriages and bicycles. I mean, isn’t that just amazing. The main street on Gili Island has tons of amazing places to eat and chill with the Ocean for a view. I would highly recommend a place called Jali Kitchen. Their carrot cake is to die for. Gili T is also the perfect place to go scuba diving. Gathering up the courage to go scuba diving was one of the best decisions that we made. When you are 12 meters underwater and you witness marine life in all its magnificence, it’s something else. We were trained by Hanson, an amazing scuba instructor at Big Bubble Dive.



1. Trawangan Oasis
We stayed at a hotel called Trawangan Oasis. It was a beautiful location with lovely rooms. The only drawback about this place was that it was about a 10-minute cycle ride from the main street. 

My other recommendations are:

2. Pearl of Trawangan



Some tips and things you should note:

  1. Carry necessary medications as you might not get what you are used to over there.
  2. Get a local sim card with data, it will really help you with GPS navigation as well as checking out places or eateries you can visit.
  3. Bargain! Bargain Bargain! The people of Bali are very sweet and kind but, use all your bargaining skills to get a lower price for everything.
  4. Carry a power adapter. Only an iPhone adaptor works over there so if you have another phone be sure to buy an adapter.
  5. The best time of the year to visit Bali are May-September.


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