A Love Encounter

A Love Encounter

Impatiently I dived into the adult end of the pool.
Seeking after an illusion of freedom, I let myself be a fool.
Gasping for breath I began to get disoriented and lose my way.
I could feel myself drown and I watched the light fade away.

The naive me openly bore my heart out.
Until reality swooped in and unapologetically tossed it around.
Relentlessly I strived to be anyone but me.
It’s what helped mask my true identity.

One encounter changed it all.
A love so fierce it had me enthralled.
I soon had to unlearn my damaged self-beliefs
I had to let Him heal the wounded child in me.

I’m learning to love me for me.
I unfriended my mask and discarded it entirely.
I put on my superhero cape as I embrace my true identity
Now, the enemy needs to be afraid of me.

I know whose I am
And that makes all the difference.
From now to eternity
My lover, my friend, my champion, He will forever be.

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